Dark Art

Poison-Ivy                                          kali-wmd2

“Poison Ivy”  by Laurel Thorndike                       “Kali” by Laurel Thorndike

dscn0486--2.2                                             never-cry-wolf

“Lady Hawke” by Laurel Thorndike              “Never Cry Wolf” by Laurel Thorndike

The-Morrigan                                   990105194-001-orig

“The Morrigan” by Laurel Thorndike             “Way of Four” by Laurel Thorndike


About Laurel:

Laurel Thorndike is an illustrator and fine artist. She loves fantasy and horror and things that go bump in the night. “Lately I have been experimenting with a very illustrative style. Using images & feelings as a writer would use words to bring characters “to life” Suggesting a possible story or building from existing ones.” Drawing inspiration from Celtic myths & legends as well as music, nature, personal emotions and experiences. Including 14 years of dance training! She has studied painting in various mediums such as oil, acrylic, and more recently watercolor. She loves experimenting with different colors and textures. Her works have been shown at the juried Art On The Mountain show 2004 & 2005 Wilmington VT and the Northeastern Fine Arts Juried Exhibition at the Green Trees Gallery Northfield MA 2005. As well as at various galleries and art fairs throughout New England. She has been a participant in Crafts of Colrain annual Studio Tour for the past five years starting in 2008.

For more art & info by Laurel Thorndike please visit: www.laurelthorndike.com

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