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AnOtherWiki - A free encyclopedia written by, for, and about the Otherkin community. Also includes information on the therian and real vampire communities.
Elenari Net - Articles, history, and community for Elenari on the web.
Embracing Mystery - A message board to share Otherkin knowledge and memories, explore white and dark magick, death, and the 'real world'.
KinHost.org - Emails lists, comprehensive FAQ on who and what being Otherkin means, links to other resources, poetry, stories, and introduction, with a special emphasis on Otherkin Multiples and Hosting.
Otherkin.Net - A community website, with an introduction, FAQ, and articles addressing issues such as awakening, spirituality and tolerance. Also, humor, links, poetry, filk, stories, mailing lists, chatroom, and event calendar.
Realmscape - Information on various spiritual and esoteric topics, but mainly on Otherkin.
The Otherkin Community - A forum and article resource for otherkin from all over the world.
The Vampire Connection Pages - A message forum to bring people of the vampiric lifestyle together, catering to both psi and blood vampirism as well as therianthropy.
Walking the Thresholds - Information, registration, directions, and history for a gathering of Otherkin held yearly.
What the Heck's an Otherkin? - Quick page introducing the concept.
Yet Another Otherkin Site - Describes being Otherkin from a personal perspective. Includes reference to KinSouth, a yearly Otherkin gathering in Florida.

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